Honu Top Handle and HDMI Clamp
  • Honu Cage - Top Handle

    Multiple Mounting Holes

    The Honu Top Handle is casted out of aluminum and features multiple 1/4-20 threaded along with pass through holes. These holes can be used to add more small accessories onto your cage.

  • Honu Cage - Top Handle

    15mm Clamp

    The clamp on the Honu Top Handle is based on industry standard 15mm rails so you can remove the handle and add your own 15mm accessory.

  • Honu Cage - Top Handle


    The Top Handle is also specifically keyed so that once it has been locked down it will not rotate in the cold shoe.

  • Fhugen Top Handle Multiple Mounting Holes
  • Fhugen Top Handle 15mm Clamp
  • Fhugen Top Handle Keyed

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