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01 August 2013

From Concept to Production

Evolution of the HONU CAGE - {GH3}

From Concept to Production

We wanted to share the process of how we started the production of the HONU CAGE - {GH3}.
It all started with the void in the market for a quality cage at a reasonable price for the Panasonic GH3

With a couple of GH3's in our hands, we started brainstorming on all of the criteria that would be great to have in a cage that is dedicated to the GH3. After several days with a chalkboard along with many emails and cups of coffee we came up with our dream set of requirements.

Next came the design phase. We sat down with our favorite CAD package and let the creative juices flow. This part of the process provided a glimpse into what the future may bring. We purposely designed the part to meet our target price point. After several design iterations it was time to start cutting metal.
HONU CAGE - Drawings

We decided to go with a laser cut part for the prototype and epoxy it together. Well the design had to be tweaked for this process, so back to the CAD station. Once the proto design was completed we had the cage laser cut in multiple parts. We designed a quick fixture and epoxyed all the parts together. After curing we tossed the cage onto the camera and oops there was a few things not quite aligning. Apparently it’s difficult to accurately measure all of the features of a camera.We repeated the prototype process a few times more and were happy with the results. It seemed like everything was working just right.
HONU CAGE - Prototype on Laser HONU CAGE - Prototype Laser Cut HONU CAGE - Prototype Prototype Laser Cut

Satisfied with the rough proto's we next contacted a local machine shop and had a couple of prototypes manufactured. We needed to show the investors a finalized sample and have a sample for manufacturing to accompany the drawings. The machined prototypes came out really nice and easily convinced the investors to allow us to begin manufacturing.
HONU CAGE - Machined Prototypes

We have learned a lot in a very compact time line and are looking forward to the next cage project.